A memorable island trip with speed boat and ferry

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Welcome to Two Islands

TE-U-RI island

Paradise of million seabirds and delicious U-NI (sea urchin)

TE-U-RI island is a paradise of seabirds especially innumerable U-TO-U (Rhinoceros auklet) and dangered species seabird O-RO-RON CHO. You can enjoy a various seafood. U-NI in TE-U-RI is the most delicious in JAPAN.

Details of TE-U-RI islands

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YA GI SHI RI island

Sheep are playing in primeval forest

YA GI SHI RI island is green land. This island has famous primeval forest, it is registrated as Japanese natural treasure.

Details of YA GI SHI RI islands

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