TE-U-RI island


A-KA-I-WA is standing vertically up to 38m from sea level.
It looks so dynamic. Surface of A-KA-I-WA is breeding grounds of U-TO-U and UMI-NEKO (black trailed gulls)

Obsevation house of seabirds

Breeding season is from April to August. Let's try to look in telescope in the obsevation house. You'll see baby UMI-NEKO.

KAN-NON-ZAKI Signt seeing tower

Tower is located top of cliff.
The view from here is so exciting.
You would hear mew mew voice at dusk. UMI-NEKO go their home singing mew mew.

Foot path

There are rest space in the foot path
We will be in harmony with nature.

U-NI DON (bowl of rice topped with Sea urchin)

TE-U-RI is famous for U-ni, U-ni in TE-U-RI of No.1 in Japan. You would be full with Uni Don at two restaurants in the island.

Guest houses

TE-U-RI island has 11 guet houses. Which guest house do you like to stay?

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